What Does a Freelance Copywriter Do?

A contract copywriter is anybody who produces content material or textual content on demand. The ‘freelance’ signifies that they function as a free agent, often finishing up clearly bounded copywriting tasks or commissions on an advert hoc foundation and for a variety of shoppers. ‘Copywriter’ is a loosely outlined time period, since copywriting usually features a vary of duties which may be far more exactly outlined in different industries (corresponding to publishing): writing, rewriting, structuring, planning, enhancing, copy-editing, proofreading and liaison with a variety of different professionals corresponding to graphic designers and net builders.

After they work with companies, copywriters present assist to the advertising perform by writing advertising supplies corresponding to brochures, commercials and web sites. Usually, the freelance copywriter will cope with the advertising supervisor or advertising director, though in a smaller agency the MD or CEO could strategy the freelance copywriter direct.

Freelance copywriters additionally work with companies, the place they assist the inventive work of the company by including a copywriting perform to their service portfolio. Whereas many companies provide writing companies, they might select to make use of a contract to do the precise work – both as a result of they lack the capability for copywriting in-house, or as a result of they want the abilities of a specialised copywriter.

Freelance copywriters additionally work with different kinds of consumer – public sector organisations, charities, lecturers – anybody who wants one thing written is perhaps within the companies of a copywriter.

Many freelance copywriters record their companies in conventional directories, similar to another enterprise. Nonetheless, for the overwhelming majority, the important thing manner of linking up with new shoppers is thru the web. Most copywriters now have their very own net presences, usually optimised for engines like google in order that they’ll entice net customers who enter phrases corresponding to ‘copywriter’ or ‘freelance copywriter’. To scale back competitors, they might additionally search to rank for phrases corresponding to ‘copywriter Norwich’ or ‘copywriter London’. To construct up the profile of their website, copywriters could search protection in on-line copywriting directories, corresponding to these examples at Yahoo and FreeIndex.

As soon as contact has been made, the freelance copywriter meets with the consumer to find out what sort of copywriting is required. This implies contemplating such necessary features as goal, tone of voice, goal format and (most significantly) the state of affairs of the reader and the response that the copywriter is aiming to elicit from them. Good copywriters will rigorously collect all this info earlier than starting their copywriting.

Earlier than starting work, the freelance copywriter will search to agree a value with their consumer. Most copywriters cost by the day, though some could conform to cost by the hour, or (for some kinds of fee) by the phrase or thousand phrases. Charging by the phrase carries the chance that many revisions shall be required so as to get the copy proper, leaving the copywriter undercharging. Nonetheless, for some duties (such because the creation of huge quantities of search-engine pleasant copy), the per-word foundation could also be acceptable.

A practical estimate of time necessities is crucial, and the consumer wants to understand how a lot work can go into a contract copywriting fee. For instance, the creation of a three-word slogan would possibly contain a number of days of liaising with firm executives, reviewing opponents’ content material, brainstorming and analysis.

Many copywriters work with no full, legally binding contract in place. Whereas not ideally suited, there are lots of explanation why they may select to do that. At the beginning is the need to please the consumer by getting on with the precise writing as a substitute of getting tied up in negotiation. In any case, an e-mail from the consumer to the freelance copywriter with express authorisation to proceed is often ample foundation for the copywriter to start work.

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